What skills do I need before I come on your course?
You need to be able to ride a bicycle. We will teach you the rest!

What should I bring along?
We provide you with everything you need, although you might want to put sunscreen on your arms.

Do I need to be able to ride a motorcycle a little bit before I come on the course?
Not at all: Most of our students do their first pull-away in their lives here with us. We will teach your everything you need to know.

Do I need a motorcycle, protective clothing, helmet etc?
We provide you with a motorcycle, a helmet, end everything else you need to learn.

What are your prices?
Our prices are R1250 for Wednesdays, and R1500 for Saturdays.

How does payment work?
We require 50% deposit upfront to make your booking. The balance is to be paid before the course starts.
EFT's are fine, but the transfer needs to show in our account before the booking is made / the course is started.